Access control or entry exit engineering are synonymous to nundnet family of access controls and readers. As the basic and fundamental part of security engineering, access controls are the foundation of our domain of product range from standalone controller to network based controls, low frequency readers to high frequency to UHF readers, Nundnet family of access controls have all this with a very strong eco system of inter operability and integration features. Nundnet NET 1, NET2 & NET 3 series are universal access control systems with all standard options and expandability characteristics. From anti passback to anti duress alarm, BMS to mobile operation, Nundnet family provides complete range of access controllers and readers.

With the fireproof casings for readers to controllers with Anti-pass back and timed anti-pass back mantrap and Muster report functions, Nundnet NET series of access controllers are practically the choice of every system integrator. The TCP/IP ports for Internet & Intranet communication, RS 485 ports for distance exceeding 1000Meters and daisy connection of unto 256 controllers makes user and integrator proud partner of Nundnet NET series. Nundnet NET series offers a very strong eco-system of access controls even our two door standalone access controller is with anti-passback function.