Push bars

Push bars, sometimes referred as panic bars or crash bars, allows the user to open the door by pressing the push rail or crossbar. The main purpose of panic bar is to allow the user to leave the site in case of emergency without having the prior knowledge of the exit plan. The panic bars are generally of two types, mechanical & electrified or electro mechanical. The mechanical type are generally designed as push to exit while as electrified version can be integrated with the access controls and card readers to make it appear & use as perfect access control system. Using these with fire exit doors, the unit generally must & should comply with UL10C i.e. Standard for Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies. In European Union, the panic bars Comply EN1125 & EN179 standards. Considering various factors like cost etc., the mechanical push to exit bars can be used with electric strike locks NU881P1D designed exclusively for the purpose.

  • Mechanical
  • Electrified
  • Electric strike for all bars
  • Panic
  • Push
  • Crash
  • Remote controlled
  • Fire proof
  • Robust
  • UL Compliance
  • EU/GB/US Standard