UHF cards/ tags

UHF RFID Cards or Nundprox U from Nundnet are ISO/IEC-7810-2002 compliant with a very reliable quality of inlay design. All UHF RFID cards in NU series are passive hence does not need any sort of battery. The protocol support is EPC global® Gen 2 and ISO18000-6C with universally accepted frequency range of UHF RFID frequency bands (860-960 MHz), with approximate reading range of 5-15Meters based on the UHF RFID Reader. The memory allocations are 128 bits (EPC), 512 bits (USER), 96 bits (read-only TID).

Selection of UHF RFID tag for the cars with tinted windscreen or tinted head lamp is very important as in certain cases the metal tint does not permit transfer of radiation hence is used as outdoor sticking with security protection against theft.