Token coin collectors

Coin & card acceptors are used for the turnstiles that are practically required at the places where the revenue generation and access control works in tandem. Coin Operated Turnstiles use the coin interceptor instead of RFID card readers, hence detect the coins, permit the entry based on coin detection with exact pre-programed denomination.

Coin operated turnstile is essentially an access control that helps to control entry and exit at the desired locations and due to this reason we call turnstiles as pedestrian control systems & the access to locations can be controlled based on the payment modes using coins. In many cases, the RFID cards valid for particular time period are also provided, and collected by the RFID card collectors, that triggers the opening of turnstiles based on basic access control techniques.

The coin interceptors or RFID time limited cards are used at some locations where revenues can be generated by authorities and business establishments for each entry and exit. The coin interceptors ignite the relays after detected certain programmed number of coins and all these coins (or cards) are stored in the coin box ( or card collector)and can be collected every day as on basis.

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