Drop Arm Turnstile

Drop arm turnstile gates are the simplest form of the gates to provide industry grade access control in the form of detection and deterrence of unauthorized access at the sites. The drop arm turnstiles, based on the design, can be configured for entry, exit or bi-directional access. Such gates need very less space especially when it is wall mount or tube type. The box type is the same regular optical turnstile gate with a proper set of sensors for various modes of operation while as wallmount & tube type drop arm turnstile gates are provided with diffuse type electric sensor thereby ensuring safety as required. The units provided are fully automatic and programmed to keep the arm at drop mode for a certain period of time. The combination of or single unit realizes the standard or ADA compliant lane operation. As standard procedure, the units can be integrated with any mode of access control devices like biometrics, RFID etc. Typical classification for drop arm turnstiles is as below 

Surface mount space saverTube/ cylindrical typeBox channel type 
| Low &  Medium application| Low &  Medium application| High & Medium risk application