Glass Barriers Balustrade

Glass barrier enclosures for turnstiles and related applications are designed in accordance with the relevant parts of building regulations approved document K and BS 6180. And the glass panel must withstand static and impact loads as given in BS 6399-1. The design of the glass barriers for turnstiles depends on the location and application, after proper risk assessment in most of the cases. Risk assessment will vary in content and depth of coverage, as there is no clear industry guidance. The main components of the glass barrier enclosures are glass filler panel & upright columns also referred as side posts. Glass barriers are not universal design but are based on suitability and mode of application however should comply with the design regulations. The application of the glass barrier enclosure depends on the use of upright columns. The upright columns are available as single side clip, double side clip, three side clips and four side clips. The combination of posts is used for application be it whatever way. The glass panel is fixed on the sides with the posts, usually two clips are available for fixing on each side. The posts are made using single or double brushed SUS304 grade stainless steel for general applications while SUS316 grade steel is available for specific applications like for marine, locations subject to high chemical flames, fumes etc.