Speed Gates

Speed gates as name itself indicates fast access gates. The combination of motorized controls, IR sensors and perfect grade steel and optical wings, make it a perfect pedestrian access control. Nundnet NU16000 series provides very stable speed gates, with a very aesthetic look to match with all interiors hence satisfying the architectural requirements. The slim appearance, noiseless operation, speedy but controlled movement of wings with help of IR sensors to accomplish an ant-tailgating function etc., integration with third party readers and access controllers, system integration with fire, building automation equipment’s makes the gates versatile.

Nundnet speed gate series are equipped with an option of swipe card memory function (Mifare/ NFC option) for visitor management with C3 capacious card containers to accept and store used cards.  Basic features and options are:

  • Visitor card function
  • Swipe memory
  • Anti-tail gating sensors
  • Third party integration
  • Slim appearance
  • Standard & ADA Lanes
  • Noiseless operation
  • Weatherproof casing