Supermarket Turnstiles

 Supermarket turnstiles & swing gates are designed for the entrances & exit of supermarkets to provide the one way access, either the visitor can enter or exit with same gate. The entry zones & exist zones are controlled for pedestrian access requiring one way free rotating access. This way, the visitors can enter from one zone & leaving from other zone without manned control thereby maintaining smooth crowd control & helping in deterring the thefts etc. Supermarket turnstiles are general mechanical in nature, made of iron & are chrome plated. turnstiles for supermarkets, are generally classified as crowd control turnstiles, as the application is not limited to supermarkets only but can be used to control temporary market zones using chrome plated barriers lanes.  In general, the swing gates & turnstiles for super markets are of following types.

Standard mechanical swing gateCurved mechanical swing gate
Tandem mechanical swing gate with side railsTandem mechanical swing gate with middle rail
Mechanical swing gate with sensor controlBlocker swing gate
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