Swing Barriers

Swing barriers or turnstiles are widely used in supermarkets, medical centers, corporate offices and locations that are under controlled monitoring in general. Made of Metal or glass or acrylic wings, Nundnet NU 6000/9000 series provide complete solutions and product eco system for swing turnstiles. Optical nature of such turnstiles makes them universal, Built-in IR optical sensors to make them full automatic; with the inbuilt mechanism for card readers or separate unit helps in space management.

Nundnet Swing barriers and turnstiles are available as the single or double swing and bi-directional operational pattern with card, biometric and QR reader options. All units are IP54 rated but can be customized on basis of specific project requirements like IP65 rating, coating with stainless steel of 2mm thickness. 

  • Single/ double wing
  • Proximity reader stand
  • Anti-tail gating sensors
  • Third party integration
  • Elegant appearance
  • Standard & ADA Lanes
  • Noiseless operation
  • IP54/ IP67 (option)