Turnstile with bicycle path

Turnstile with biycycle passage or path or hybrid turnstiles have very important & realistic role at the places where mixed pedestrians and manual human powered passenger transports are dominant,  any place where the security is major concern from low to mid to high risk security. The bicycle passage can be utilised for the passage of wheelchairs as well, depends on the design & exact need at the site. The smooth, secure and well synchronous passage is of vital importance; need to comply with exact requirements as per design & legality.

Access control methods are unique & any method can be applied for such sites, it can be entrance using RFID cards, biometric facial recognition or any triggering method. In some cases we can use RFID card reader post separately installed nearby the gate in combination with rest of access control systems.

In addition to the above decisive specification, additional features can be involved in needed. Like the protection against over climbing, connection with the fencing, extra coating layer along with the material chosen for the unit.

The factors take into considertion for designing or choosing turnstiles with bicycle passage or path are:

  • Material for pedesterian path
  • Material for wheelchair path
  • Access control methods
  • Third party integration
  • Color if any needed
  • Standard passage width
  • Noiseless operation
  • Weatherproof casing