Waist Height Tripods

Waist height tripods commonly called as half height tripod turnstiles are the basic class of turnstiles in the pedestrian access control family. With 100% metal housing regardless of whatever design, the box or wall mount turnstile or turnstile for bus or standard waist height turnstile, Nundnet 1300 series consists of complete range of waist height tripods or turnstiles. With SUS304/ SUS316 grade of steel housing and arms covered with soft sleeves for wonderful user experience, a robust appearance & efficient motor, the exclusive space for card readers or any access identification device, this series of turnstiles is always a pride of project. Designed as bi directional with LED direction indicators, the strong design mechanism and rust proof body, lets everyone to choose Nundnet 1300 series of waist height turnstiles. Nundnet offers complete range of tripod turnstiles depends on application.