Curved Mechanical Turnstile for Supermarket

CODE: Nundnet NU9705KS

Nundnet NU 9705KS, is a turnstile, mechanical swing gate designed for supermarkets like controlled entry exit locations. The unit is either mechanical only or mechanical & lockable with auto close by spring. The housing is made of polished stainless steel (SUS304 default) or various other options. The swing arm is provided with the  filler panel so that signs the can printed on both sides, and arms are of various lengths for the passage width of 600, 800, 1000, 1200mm. All the units are with ingress protection rating of  IP53, hence suitable for indoor application. The swing gate can be provided with spring control function for opening from right and left, left only, right only opening function.

CASING (options)– All Stainless Steel
– All painted
– Main body painted
– Polished: SS AISI 304, SS AISI 316
– Powder coated : RAL
– Brushed: SS AISI 316
– Chrome plated iron housing
THICNKESS– 1.5mm (default)
– 2.0 mm can be customized on special request
SWINGSAnodized Aluminum
– Metal filling with desired sign
– Filling of tampered glass or Acrylic & PU /PUR
(Polyurethane) material, Organic units joined
by carbamate (urethane) links.
DirectionSingle or bi-directional
ClosingAutoclose by spring
Ingress protectionIP53
Storage temperature-20° C ~ 70° C
Operating temperature-20° C ~ 65° C
Humidity90% RH
WeightStandard 35Kg (Gross), 40Kg (Net)
CERTIFICATIONSCE Mark EN 301 489-3 EN55022 EN50130-4 (EU)
C-Tick AS/ NZs CISPR 22 (Australia & New Zealand), Korea (KCC)
RoHS, Administrative Measure on the Control of Pollution Caused by
 Electronic Information Products, WEEE
Passage width(mm)Dimension (HxWxD) (mm)
600724 x 145 x 1000
800924 x 145 x 1000
10001124 x 145 x 1000
12001324 x 145 x 1000
All dimensions mentioned are standard, hence need to be confirmed at the time of purchase or designing of any project.
NU9705KSNU WC 03ADA sticker sign
XSL      | Mechanical swing left side gateNU ST 03No entry sticker sign
SR      | Mechanical swing right side gateNU ES 03Entry sticker sign
SLR   | Mechanical swing left & right
Y| 6-600, 8-800, 10-1000, 12-1200
Z| Rotation
BBi-directionalOOne wayINDICATORSStop/ Entry / exit sign
NU 9705KSCE  RoHSMaintenance3 yearsCustomized based on projectsVersion 1.1

Additional information


Nundnet NU 9705KS uses iron coated with chrome or 304 stainless steel that has excellent resistance to a wide range of atmospheric environments and many corrosive media. It is subject to pitting and crevice corrosion in warm chloride environments and to stress corrosion cracking above about 60°C. It is considered resistant to potable water with up to about 200 mg/L chlorides at ambient temperatures, reducing to about 150 mg/L at 60 °C.


Available as single swing, double swing, single & double swing combination