From generic optical turnstiles to customisation, we supply the perfect product to meet the project technical compliance. Our qualified engineers & technicians supported by the dedicate support team, design the products based on client requirements. Our capabilities, inhouse design team, specialised team to produce customised designs, create a great successful business modules for our clients. The qualified components from motors to programable control boards, the robust and customised outdoor housings, and multiple integration options make our product unique. We listen to competition curiously & provide the systems that provide an everlasting and fool proof solutions. We comply with international standards, to serve international markets. 






The delivery of customised products based on projects and client requirements is an indicator of our expertise &  unlimited knowledge of the product. We listen to our clients for special products & provide the blueprint of design and drawings to comply with the project requirements. We know our clients are our representatives, so to serve every aspect professionaly is our commitment to quality of supplies and customer satisfaction. 

Our promise is to provide the best product, great quality, reliable & efficient systems, and world class technical support 

Innovation to application, is the official slogan of Nundlab, Inc. To invent & innovate, is the life line of our establishment. We introduce new products to solve the problems & make life & living conditions better. The design, in form of exterior appearance or electronic boards or junior computers, we create perfect product lines based on VOX (Voice of Customer), CJ (Customer journey), CX ( Cusomer experiences) etc. We have introduced portable turnstiles, turnstiles for buses, battery & solar operated turnstiles, turnstiles with GPS & wireless control systems.
Innovation Quality control (QC) & Quality assurance (QA), sole purpose is to maintain and improve the quality. We stricly follow the internationally adopted quality control process that include X-Bar Chart, Taguchi Method to emphasizes the roles of our research and development, product design and development in reducing the occurrence of defects & the failures in products, 100% inspection method to  looking at & assessing all parts of a product, six sigma that is fully data-driven approach using the statistical methodology for eliminating defects, defect reduction. We deliver goods to our esteemed clients only after following quality control and assurance procedures. 
Innovation to application, Our warranty terms are exclusive. Most of our products are warranted for the priod of five years unless specified. The warranty includes workmanship, technical faults. We replace the product on submission of the warranty claim. In very special cases we have provided the warranty for ten years as well for certain products. Quality is our native term so we are sure about all our products that we supply. 



Nundnet® turnstiles, motorised as well as semi automatic are equipped with the control boards capable of integrating with the fire alarm systems as the mandatory requirements for the access control systems. All units are tested for this capability before shipping the clients. Click for more......


Nundnet® turnstiles are provided with the protocol layers that are needed for integration with the widely used BMS units. We have successfuly integrated our products with major Building management system brands. This feature is tested at factory before shipping units. Click for more......


Nundnet® turnstiles are mostly for indoor applications but in certain cases where clients wish to use systems outdoor especially at locations highly humid & abundant with salty water, we have successfuly delivered the products with resistance against sea water. Click for more......


Nundnet® portable turnstiles are battery operated, and many models are with both battery as well as AC mains supply area. The battery operation is very helpful at locations were the electrical connections are not available, and the unit can be integrated with solar power supplies as well. Click for more......


Nundnet® portable turnstiles are designed for rapid deployment purposes, easy to move from one location to other, operated using battery & controlled either using mobile app or wireless GPS module and batteries. The units are cost effective solutions for even managements, special locations & crowd controls etc. Click for more......


Nundnet® offers world class product & solutions for the buses. Our turnstile designed for buses are equiped with access controls with GPS system etc. The customised solutions are provided based on the specific project inputs. We have completed 150+ installations for turnstiles in buses in 2021 so far. Click for more......


MATERIAL General material details used for motorised optical trunstile gates 
Housing materialStainless Steel SUS 304 grade, SUS 316 (Optional), RAL coating, Powder coating
Thickness1.6mm, 2.0mm(option)
Flaps/ Wings Tempered or toughened glass
 Acrylic & PU /PUR (Polyurethane) material, Organic units  joined by carbamate (urethane) links, Tripod rods (1-1.5inch diameter)
ELECTRICAL Generic motors used for optical turnstiles 
Motor (Options)- Brushed Motor, -Brushless DC Motor, -Servo Motor mechanism
Power110V/60 Hertz, 220V/50Hertz ±10% or 12VDC or 24VDC
COMMUNICATIONMethods of communication & integration used by standard & optical turnstiles 
Access readerEmbedded, In/ Out ( External device),Card reader post external if needed
Serial InterfaceRS232 / RS485/ 9600bps ( N,8,1) Optional, CAN
Ethernet PortTCP/IP, 10/100M Base T Module (optional)
Card collectionMechanism for card collection 150 cards EM Marine (Option)
METRICSIndustry specific lane (wing/ arm ) width etc for optical turnstiles 
Non ADA wingsLeft & Right wing : 225 ~250 mm each 
Central ChannelLeft & Right wing : Left 225- 250mm, Right 400-450mm
 Right & Lift wing :  Right 400-450mm, Left 225- 250mm
 Right & left wing : 400-450mm
Left (Right) wing/ arm 225- 250mm or  400-450mm
Standard lane 500 ~ 550mm
ADA Compliance (mm)900 ~ 950mm
SPEEDOperation speed for motorised and standard optical turnstile gates 
Passage Speed30~33 persons/min
MTCF>3 million operations
IR SENSORS3 pairs, 4 pairs, 5 pairs, 6 pairs each lane, Anti tailgate, anti panic, anti passback, waiste height etc 
OPERATIONGeneral operating setup
Startup after Power (ON)3 sec. (semi-automatic), 6 sec. (full-automatic)
Gate opening time0.2 seconds
DirectionSingle or bi-directional
IndicatorsLED for direction with arrow marks
GENERALIngress protection ratings for housing used for optical turnstile gates 
Ingress ProtectionIP44, (IP54, IP67, IP68 optional)
TemperatureStorage -25° C ~ +65° C, Operating -25° C ~ +65° C
Humidity90% RH
CERTIFICATIONS CE etc as per market requirements 


Motorised Optical Turnstiles

Motorise Optical Turnstiles

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